While the majority of male and female prison pen pals on this site committed a crime warranting their incarceration in prison, that does not change the fact that being incarcerated in prison is a sad and lonely experience. Most prisoners listed on this prison pen pal site have done years in prison without a pen pal, visits, or phone calls to the outside world, and they are desperately hoping this prison pen pal site will give them a chance to form a lasting friendship with someone willing to take the time to write a letter or two a week to let them know they have not been forgotten by the world they left behind. This prison pen pal site may, in fact, be their only hope for any contact whatsoever beyond the concrete walls, dark gun towers and electrified fences that surround this nation's prison system. Thus, a letter from you, written in your spare time and slid under the cell door by a prison guard during "Mail Call," will bring a smile and some temporary relief from a dark and lonely existence!

Moreover, a prisoner's contact with the outside world is a positive factor, especially if that contact is with someone willing to encourage the male or female prisoner to assess their past life and bring about the change necessary for him or her to lead a productive existence when released. Why should you care? While some of the prison pen pals on this site are serving life sentences, or have been sentenced to die by gas or lethal injection, most will someday be released from prison to again live among us. Those prisoners may end up being your neighbor or fellow employee. It is to all of our benefit that we give these prisoners hope and friendship by sending a letter or two every couple of weeks letting them know that there is a better way to live their lives than committing crimes, using drugs, or returning to live behind prison walls. Thus, a simple letter from someone who cares could be the beginning of a prisoner's journey to a better life.

You should also know that, unlike some other prison pen pal sites, we do not charge you for the names and addresses of our prison pen pals. Every address on this site is free. Nor do we disrespect prison pen pals by using the phrase "Add to Cart" when you select someone to write. So, please, enter our site, find a prison pen pal that you'd like to write, and then enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have brightened up another person's life. Won't you please do this for a fellow human being?

Finally, if you have come to this site to place an ad for a loved one in prison please know that, while we charge a $40.00 annual fee for prison pen pal ads placed on our website, we also give something back to those locked behind the walls. Unlike any other prison pen pal site, we randomly select 10 convicts a month and send them $20 absolutely free. We also randomly select 10 more convicts each month and extend their internet ads by 30 days - again, absolutely free. Why do we do this? Because we want each and every convict on this site to know that we understand their loneliness and appreciate their business. No other prison pen pal site in the United States does this for it's customers - Not one!

Feel free to contact us with ideas, suggestions or complaints. We will respond.

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While we strive to bring friendships to those on this prison pen pal site, we do not condone the conduct that led to the prison pen pals incarceration. These prison pen pals have been found guilty of a crime, and some of those crimes are extremely serious. Because of this, we must insist on the following waivers.
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