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While we strive to bring friendships to those on this prison pen pal site, we do not condone the conduct that led to the prison pen pals incarceration. These prison pen pals have been found guilty of a crime, and some of those crimes are extremely serious. Because of this, we must insist on the following waivers.

By entering this site and responding to any prison pen pal ad, you unconditionally and forever agree to hold and its owners, agents, and all persons acting in concert and participation with ConvictMailbag, harmless from any and all suits, costs of suits, liabilities, damages, whether real or imagined, and attorneys fees resulting from, or in any way caused by replying to any advertisement or prison pen pal ad on this site. Further, visitors must understand, and they are hereby advised, that the convicts are the publishers of all information contained within each prison pen pal ad. We simply act as a provider of space for internet publication of the information provided by the prison pen pals. We have not investigated, verified, or in any way confirmed the claims of any prison pen pals on this site, and it is your duty to proceed with reasonable caution and due diligence. Moreover, potential prison pen pals viewing this site are strongly urged to use all available resources to verify information about any prison pen pal they choose. Correctional institutions, including prisons, jails and detention facilities, can and should be contacted directly to verify all information provided by prison pen pals.

The use of “bookmarks,” which may serve to bypass and/or avoid this advisory during future visits, shall and will be construed as implicit and indefinite acceptance of the terms, conditions, and waivers set forth herein.

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