Marc Templeton

Hi! I like moonlight walks on the beach, fluffy little kitties, romantic candlelight dinners and nothing beats a drive through the mountains with a Mike Bolton CD tickling your ears. That's what I call a slice of heaven. Sorry. That was wrong. Here's the real deal. I'm gonna keep it simple with a YES/NO list. I think that will shed some light on what I'm about. YES: Integrity, Bicycles, Science Fiction, Kids & Animals, Lots-o-Tattoos, Guitar & Bass, Dennis Leary, Alternative Fuels, Movies & Reading, Learning & Nature, Painting, Solar Power, Tons of Laughing, Mom, Fiery Enthusiastic Passion, Healthy Living, Porn, Moving On, Desperate Housewives, Blue October-Slipknot, The Raconteurs-Chevelle, The Cranberrys-Tool. NO: Ignorance, advertising, Waste, Lies, G. Dubya Bush, Long lines, Pettiness, Speed, Greenhouse Effect, Paris Hilton, Pollution, American Idol, Government Corruption, WWF, Indecision, Overindulgence, Rudeness, Freaky Fanatical Religion, Fast Food, Being Nosy, Cheaters. This is by no means a complete picture, but it is a few pieces that make up the puzzle. I intend to stay out of trouble/prison in the future. More to the point-stay out of situations that lead to being incarcerated. Oregon has some crazy laws and I found myself hammered by their infamous "Measure II". One goal after I'm released, is to get back to work, commercial painting, and try to attain a level of normalcy that I previously had. Well... at least what I consider to be normal-which I'm sure many would find objectionable. Be safe. Write if you can. Peace, M.T.

Prisoner Number: 12909503
Oregon DOC
2500 Westgate EOCI
Pendleton,  OR  97801

Hometown: Portland, OR
Will relocate: Yes
Will write to international pen pals: Yes

In prison for: Robbery II
Will get out: 2011-01-28

Height: 6'4 / Weight: 225 / Birthdate: 1970-03-07
Hair: Brown / Eyes: Hazel / Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: Male / Sexual Preference: Straight / Marital Status: Single